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Because we are very concerned about the deterioration of the planet and about our children’s future

  • We want to restore the soil capacity to support life by generating biological activity and respecting natural biological cycles.
  • We aim to keep the fertility to slow down desertification.
  • We promote biodiversity and organic balance using practices as crop rotation, crop association, green and organic fertilizers, hedges, extensive livestock, etc.
  • We respect the environment avoiding soil, water and air pollution.
  • We contribute to stop climate change and greenhouse effect by reducing CO2 emissions and by saving energy.
  • We preserve and boost genetic variety, safeguarding seeds and not using genetically modified organisms.

Because we care about our health (and our family’s)

  • We grow high-quality and healthier organic vegetables. They are more nutritive because they have higher concentrations of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and active ingredients.
  • We provide toxic free food. Our products are free of chemicals and therefore they help to avoid degenerative illnesses.
  • We offer tastier food. Our products keep all their aroma and colour.
  • We maintain all our products additive-free.
  • We follow the strict regulations of the European authorities and we are audited by different certification bodies.

Because we love animals and we want to protect their welfare

  • We raise our livestock in semi-freedom to encourage their growth and to avoid them stress.
  • We produce an antibiotics and hormone free meat to protect our customers.
  • We ensure adequate living conditions for our animals, as we care about their welfare.
  • We also favour the natural cycle of procreation and we do not use any artificial insemination techniques.
  • We produce tastier meats. They are full of vitamins, beta-carotenes and omega-3 fatty acids.