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Our project is born from a personal desire to getting close to nature. This idea goes further than a simple leisure approach, it connects with the intention of growing and cultivating the land and breeding and raising animals in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Our final goal is to produce high quality, healthy and natural food.

We have implemented a natural closed-cycle production system in which our stock is bred with our own pastures and feeds. Animals are also managed to improve soil quality, rising its fertility.

Our crops are 100% organic. We do not use chemical herbicides nor chemical fertilizers. Rather, we feed our soil using only nutrients produced by composting organic waste and manure. We also apply other traditional agricultural techniques like the practice of green fertilisation or the crop rotation, methods that foster the soil improvement, the key issue in organic farming.

Our vegetable garden is crucial in El Milagro. The whole process is a thrilling adventure that goes from the very planting of a seed to harvesting the fruits. Our aim is to produce healthy and tasty vegetables without using any chemicals. This commitment arises from the realisation of lots of studies that link modern illnesses with the use of synthetic products that are used in our food chain and that we eat without being really aware.

After attending with caress and dedication our crop, we like to get involved to the final step, imagining our food served at your home. That is why we suggest a lot of recipes (always simple and healthy). But we also have our own kitchen in which we cook different meat and vegetable preparations. Our star dish is our Christmas pre-roasted capon.

Weather and soil specifications have their influence on what we can grow so we have had to look for other land plots to grow different varieties of vegetables. In that quest we realized that the most important thing is to find the right people, those who share our vision. We need partners who believe in our idea of organic growing even more than perfect places to plant vegetables. Thanks to Carlos in Tarazona, Guillermo in Tiétar, José Miguel in Aragón, Héctor in Valencia, Pedro in Extremadura and Lorenzo in Navarra, we have become stronger. And we are looking for new projects to complete our range of products. Together with them, we have already become a leading company in organic agriculture. We share ideas, methods, solutions, planning, seeds and seedlings, and we pursuit excellence in producing but always in line with our organic commitment.

Finally, I would like to point out our concern in nursing and fostering the ecosystem. We look after our holm oaks, we have restored part of our property with native trees, bordering paths with fallow strips, developing planted forest areas and restocking ponds with aquatic plants. The idea is to offer shelter to all kind of animals promoting so biodiversity.

This website is oriented to be a tool for sharing and spreading our vision but also want to give voice to our partners, to spread popular traditions and crafts in our surroundings, and as a general aspiration, to promulgate anything related to the principles that inspire this project.

Blanca Entrecanales. Founder of Dehesa El Milagro